Slovenia's National Youth Programme

The National Youth Programme (NYP) is a horizontal guideline aimed at coordinating actions and policy strategies regarding the youth sector at national level. It is an independent strategy. Its scope is inter-jurisdictional, meaning that the NYP aims at guiding other ministries in developing legislation which ensures protection and fostering of the youth sector. The procedure for the NYP is determined by the Public Interest Act on the Youth Sector (ZIJMS) and the Youth Council Act.The Programme is based on the Youth 2010 Study. The objectives of the NYP are in line with the European Youth Strategies. The NYP aims to provide better educational opportunities for young Slovenians, with formal and non-formal training and to better young people’s competences and chances of employment. It aims to foster mobility abroad of young people and to improve quality of employment and better work-life balance.


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Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth

Ministry of Education, Science and Sport

Slovenian National Assembly


01 Jun 2013

Text of the Motion for a Resolution on the National Youth Program 2013–2022

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport sends the proposal to the Government of the Republic of Slovenia.

01 Sep 2013

Comments and amendments on the Motion for Resolution

The appointed Committee on Education, Science and Sport and Youth and representatives of the Italian and Hungarian Communities deliver their comments on the motion.

10 Sep 2013

Contribution to the public hearing on the Motion for a Resolution on the National Youth Program 2013-2022

Youth Plus & Young Slovenia NSi youth (Mlada Slovenija podmladek NSi) express their input on the resolution together with others.

20 Sep 2013

Opinion on the motion

The National Council expresses its opinion on the resolution.

23 Sep 2013

Letter to the Government and the MDT

According to Article 217 of the Rules of Procedure the President of the National Assembly addresses the government.

26 Sep 2013


Amendment to Chapter 1 by the Parliamentary Group of the Slovenian Democratic Party, not adopted. Amendments to Chapter 2, Section 1 of the Resolution are put forward by several Parliamentary parties/groups and are all adopted. Following amendments to Chapter 3, Section 2; to Chapter 5, Section 4 and to Chapter 7, Section 6 of the motion are put forward by deputies and adopted.

01 Oct 2013

Review of amendments and discussion

The Committee on Education; Science; Sport and Youth submits an amendment draft act which is then discussed by the National Assembly.

15 Oct 2013


Following a vote, the proposal is adopted and sent to the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia by the President of the Assembly and the Secretary General. The Resolution on the National Youth Programme is published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 90/13.

Youth Contribution

National Youth Council of Slovenia

Cooperation with Council of the Government of RS for Youth Svet Vlade RS za mladino (SVM).

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No Excuse Slovenia

Implementation of the Project for Youth Health funded by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with other associations and operating at the local level.

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MaMa Network

A Youth Center is an organized functional center for young people, provided by the local community or another legal entity under public or private law or a natural person, and in which programs in the youth sector and youth work at the local level are implemented. At the national level, youth centers in Slovenia are united in two network organizations, namely the MaMa Network and the Pohorje Battalion Foundation.

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